About Us

Welcome to Tender Moments Nursery!

Shaping Leaders of Tomorrow.

Our Vision:

Tender Moments Nursery is a community that shapes and inspires children for the future.  A nurturing, supportive & respectful environment where we proudly embrace childhood of different nationalities as a magical time.The nursery is designed to feel “At home” where care Enables them to participate in life to the fullest.

We care about the child physically, socially and intellectually. We aim for improvement by providing group interaction.

A Place where both children and families feel safe, secured, loved, and valued; A place where staff feels valued, respected, and encouraged to flourish as individuals, professionals and one team.

Tender Moments is an intriguing, interesting and clean environment that enables children to explore the small world around them making sure that all children are ready for their academic and happy lifelong success.


Our Mission

To lead and support the triangle of the 3 Main Players in society, School, Parents and children.

Role of the School: All children receive high quality care and learning needed, an environment that is safe, healthy, motivating, Happy and playful.

Role of the Parents: Parental encouragement and support for learning activities at home combined with parental involvement in schooling.

Role of children: To keep on learning and to express themselves.


Our Values

Our success comes from our values deeply embedded in our core.

Happiness & Well-being – “Happiness is not something ready made. It comes from your own actions.”

Engagement – being involved, responsive and interesting.

Being Positive – Promote positive values in children

Our commitment to a Health & safety: Provide a healthy and safe environment for children to learn, play, discover and develop themselves. Your child’s safety is our number one priority.

Learning & knowledge – Promote the value of learning, knowledge and study

Physical senses – Build and develop the creative and physical senses of the children.

Encouragement – Encourage them to always be happy, healthy, and confident with high self-esteem and knowing their self-worth

Development – Development of learning capacity and material to build a healthy environment and pave the way for a bright future for the child.

Respect – promoting a culture of tolerance, inclusion, equality, fairness and opportunity